Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Every Business Should Use

A few weeks ago I blogged about how businesses can go online at almost no cost. I've been meaning to share the good news about Google Apps for Your Domain which I think is very useful for businesses. And the best thing about it is, it's FREE - unless you want to use the Premiere Edition!

All you need is a domain name to be able to use the following Google applications for your domain:

(1) Gmail - use Gmail's platform for your company's email address. Now your employees can check their mail anytime, anywhere!

(2) Google Talk - chat right inside your email. Download the Google Talk console and do voice calls and send files through it.

(3) Google Calendar - check out my calendar by clicking on the "view my calendar" link here. View your colleague's calendar and book appointments with him through the Google calendar. This way you know immediately if he's available or not, but of course he's got to accept your invitation.

(4) Google Docs & Spreadsheets - share and edit documents with your colleagues online. Now you don't need to merge their revisions because it is automatically saved when you do it through Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

(5) Google Page Creator & Start Page - create and publish a website in just minutes!

I'm kinda shy about showing my Google Apps for Your Domain page coz I don't have a logo to brag about yet. All I could say is, it's very easy and convenient to use.

It's also a great communication tool schools and universities should take advantage of. Giving email to all your students and professors will definitely help in propagating internet literacy. Google Apps for Education is free as well.


  1. if you like google cal you should check out calgoo - - ive been using it in combination with google apps and its been great - i was able to import my outlook - add ical format calendars - and sync with google cal. also work the rare time im without a net connection.


  2. there is also, and ...

    now these are even more helpful and very insightful

  3. Calgoo gets my vote too, you should also look at it allows you to sync Google Calendar with your mobile device, cell etc.

    Happy GooSyncing
    Chris (GooSync)

  4. I love Gmail. In fact, I use it as a checklist of sorts, archiving conversations once the project involved in that thread has been resolved. And it also has built-in chat!

    Though I've never been comfortable saving documents on Google's online office suite. I'm sure the protection is relatively secure, but they're still on a public server, right?

  5. @bizz - thanks for the tip :)

    @roy - thanks!

    @christoffa - now I'm really going to try it! I know you can already sync Google Calendar with your mobile.

    @rico - and I'm envious of the fact that your Gmail is so organized! That's why the search mail function is so useful to me hehe. As for docs & spreadsheets, I use it all the time. I believe it is really secure. :)