Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google Lauches "Google Insights for Search"

Ever wondered how your products fare online? Search and content works hand in hand. Why not do a search on your products/services by using keywords that would probably direct people to your brand. Did your company's website come out in the first page of the search results? Did you find other websites/blogs talking about your product?

Google innovates further by providing a new tool for its advertisers, "Google Insights for Search". It's a tool that allows advertisers to compare keywords based on its search volume.

Let's say I'm a travel agency selling trips to different beaches in the Philippines. Here are the keywords I used to compare:


And got this result:

Which tells me that Boracay is a term that is twice as much searched as Palawan and Bohol.

The tool also tells me which countries are interested in it (Philippines, Hongkong and Singapore). The map at the side also gives me an idea about where the volume of searches come from by region and it clearly indicates that most of the searches come from the Philippines. (You can also filter by country, year and regions)

Aside from the keywords I provided, the tool also provides both top searches and rising searches that are related to my keywords. Making it easy for me to know what keywords I should use to create a Google Adwords campaign.

Methinks "Google Insights for Search" is good for the following:

1. Provides great input for keywords to use when creating Google Adwords campaigns
2. Helps in giving me an idea which of my products are more searchable (and perhaps sellable) than others
3. Let's me know what regions/countries are interested in my product (great for exporters!)
4. If I was just starting out a business I could actually also use this tool for marketing insights (target marketing!)

Information at its best.