Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Discovering and Loving Picasa

I've been using Picasa for quite a while now. Aside from making it easy for me to search for photos - I usually tag my folders this way when I download photos from my digital camera "Year-Date Photo was Taken-Occasion/Venue/Event", for example 2007 April 29 to May 1 Cebu and Bohol - and that makes it easy for me to put a keyword in the Picasa search box and find the photo I'm looking for.

Aside from Picasa's search function, the next best thing I like about Picasa is the "I'm feeling lucky" button which can be found when you view photos and edit them. I'm no expert photographer nor web designer, so it's a bit difficult for me to determine what's the best contrast and brightness for a photo. I just click on "I'm feeling lucky" and the photo gets fixed up instantly. Check out the photos below I spruced up using Picasa.

Time Warp

Photos taken at Fort San Pedro, Cebu City, Philippines
using a point and shoot digital camera. I used the "Focal B&W"
feature to set the photo in B&W and one point in color.

And, of course, since I seem to be verging towards "I can't go through a day without blogging" I'm really happy about the following Picasa features: Blog This, Web Album (where you can easily get link URLs and codes for embedding albums in your blog), and the Collage.

And! 1 GB storage space! :)


  1. "Picasa Web Albums does not yet have a dedicated Linux uploader. If you'd like to try uploading photos using our web upload form, click the Upload Photos button on right to get started."

    hehe, ohnoes.

  2. Am also using Picasa and Picasa Web:

    The Web uploader didn't work in Firefox, so I had to do it in batches. It worked well when I used IE, though.