Saturday, May 12, 2007

38th National Marketing Conference: Da Marketing Code

I don't mean to scare off people with my photo, but that's the overall them of the 38th National Marketing Conference which will be held on May 23 to 24, 2007 at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

The Philippine Marketing Association, the organizer of the conference, held a speaker's briefing the other night and believe me I've never been this excited for a speaking engagement. We even had a photo session after the meeting (check out my scary looking Silas look-alike photo).

I'm looking forward to attending the conference and listening to all the marketing experts. Here's a rundown of the topics:

Day 1

Customer Experience - Managing the two moments of truth in business

Marketing Strategy - Lessons learned on the road to becoming a global brand

Advertising Agencies - How advertising agencies are addressing the challenges of specialist marketing communications companies?

Media Trends - Understanding the Consumer Generated Media

Digital Marketing Trends - Unlocking the Evolution and potentials of Digital Marketing

Day 2

Global Consumer Trends - Prosumerism: The emergence of a progressive breed of consumers borne out of today's revolution in new media

New Trends in Internet Marketing - Google Marketing Secrets

Innovation Trends - Discovering the way people see Health and Medicine

Pinoy Consumers - Understanding the Filipino shopping code in Metro Manila

Media Convergence - Changing the way people see print media

Consumer - The new code on marketing evolution

Marketing Forum on Sunrise Industries - Unearthing the potentials of sunrise companies

I heard that they're raffling off a brand new car through an interesting raffle - you have to unlock the code to get a chance to win the car. Wow! I hope I get a chance to win it!

There's still time to sign-up for the conference, get in touch with Ms. Sarah Velasco at the PMA office through +632-6344890 or 636-1451.


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