Monday, March 24, 2008

My Social Networking Scrap

I am one of those social networking junkies. I have a smattering of accounts in different social networking sites - Friendster, Multiply, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook and even the more serious ones (which I think is also a form of social networking) LinkedIn and Shelfari. I cannot really pinpoint where I spend a lot of time in coz I use it for different things.

I use Friendster mostly as a contact point for friends from school. Multiply is where I spend time randomly checking on friends who upload photos or blog and in some rare instances I check out what's being sold by some enterprising entrepreneurs. Facebook is where I play Mario Brothers (haha), my friends list in there isn't really controlled since I just approve (almost) anyone who invites me. I don't spend that much time on MySpace and Orkut, I just find it to be a totally different world, but it's where I've been getting quite a number of hilarious invites/scraps -

Here are some things I've been getting (and I have not deleted any of it for gloomy days) -

if i say hi.......u may say whoz this....
if i ask for chat....u may say why??....
if i ask u for a coffee.....u may say wt rubbish....
if i say i liked ur profile......u may say m flattering u.....
if i ask for frnship.......u may say m flirting......
so can u plz suggest me hw to start wid a new relation.........????
till u reply i am trying wid a request........."plz check me out".......m here lookin for new frns. r u
nice name.....
I am ur friend........ u add to me
I DON't know........ ur language..
plz tell me in engaliash
ok kiss

And here's the best one I've received -



First of all I bow down my head at ur feet and kiss ur sandals to show my devotion towards u, princess my owner I want to be ur pet doggy or ur pet slave which u likes, please give me some space near ur feet.

your pet doggy

I could not help but grin over that last scrap. Imagine, somebody call me Hon'ble (does it mean honorable or honey-able?) and Princess. I giggle everytime I read that scrap. I guess to each his own and that's why social networking sites attract different types of people and culture, and, I might add, comfort level (for usage).

There's an upcoming conference for social networking entitled, "Social Networking & eBusiness Conference Philippines" which looks interesting. I wonder if there's someone who could explain why I get all these scraps from nowhere and what is it in a platform that attracts a certain set of people. Is it because of the interface? The features? Culture? The person who invited you? What makes one site successful over others? Will social networking sites eventually be a huge place for commerce? What's the huge fuss behind social networking anyway (aside from generating revenue)? Maybe this conference will answer some of my questions.

Well, if you wanna be my friend... add me up!!!