Monday, June 02, 2008

The Art of Hiding from Salespersons

This post is not meant to demean hardworking salespersons. I do admire them since I know that to be an effective salesperson you gotta have the following: (1) talent; (2) love for your product; and (3) a lot of tiyaga.

I did go through a sales job too, in another lifetime and I hated it. I just couldn't handle the rejection and I didn't like doing follow-up. My colleagues kept telling me (also said in workshops) that you shouldn't take things personally. Oh well, I realized then that I would never become a great salesperson and I'd rather do something else. So since then I shifted my career. Now that's another story.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Most of us have experienced getting spammed by marketers. Spammed not only in our email, but also through phone calls, SMS and direct mail. It's a basic formula used by marketers since at the average they do get 2-3% assured sales from it (that's why we get a lot of trash in our mailbox, offline and online).

I've mastered the art of being deadma about these things. I rarely get spam mail because I use Gmail. I get a lot of SMS especially from those promoting loans and a lot of the mail delivered by the postman goes to the trash can, including flyers stuffed in my bills. I've also mastered the art of saying no to telemarketers who call and ask if they can do a pitch over the phone (I just always say that I'm on my way out). Funny, but there are those who are really persistent and I handle them by giving them my email address so that whatever it is they're trying to sell to me gets caught in the spam filter. LOL.

We're bombarded with loads of information everyday, so I guess it's important to cultivate one's skill in filtering all these info. I also meet a lot of people every single day and I also have to weed out what's important and what's not. I guess at the end of the day the game is still about "need". If you target me and I don't need what you're selling, no matter how much you bug me you won't get any response from me.