Thursday, May 03, 2007

Filipino Wins SEO World Championship

Filipinos be proud!

Benj Arriola
, a Filipino based in the US won the SEO World Championship for his GlobalWarming Awareness entry. Aside from the accolade of being the winner for the first ever SEO World Championship, Benj's going to receive a brand new Citroen C2 car. Woohoo!

I met Benj through the SEO Philippines forum (back then it was just a mailing list) and is one of the experts in the field. Unassuming and generous in his tips, Benj is one of the well-loved members in the group. He even won the "Hunk of the Night" in the last SEO Ituloy-Angsulong Awards night (LOL - and let's not talk about who was forced to be the "Babe of the Night").

I sent my congratulations to Benj this afternoon through Twitter and we ended up chatting. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Benj is actually a Chemist (and took up MS-Chemistry too)! And taught at DLSU when I was a freshman in college. Too bad he wasn't my chemistry professor, he could've probably weaned me away from my fear of open light. He shared too that he managed to solve the "first 11 digit prime number of e .com" thingy. Wow!

There's so much to learn from Benj. He even gave me tips on how to solve online mysteries and, of course, SEO!

Congratulations Benj! You do us Filipinos proud!


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  4. @edward - Many thanks for visiting!

  5. Thanks Aileen.

    And about the 11 digit prime number of e, I wasn't really able to solve it. My program was freezing. And I found the answer in forums. And then I visited it. So, I really had no script to submit to Google as proof I solved it. :) But I did try.

    Thanks again.

    Hindi ko panalo ito. Panalo ng Philippines ito. Panalo ng SEO Philippines.

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