Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Inspired by Technopreneurs

I had the chance to join three Filipino technopreneurs last night at the E-Commerista 3.0 through Andrian Lee's invitation - Gabby Dizon, Jonas Diego and Gio Bacareza - and it's really inspiring to see how they've managed to turn their interests into successful businesses and here are just some thoughts that I wanted to share.

Flipside Games

I noticed that a lot of my friends who are developers now dreamed that they wanted to develop their own game "when they grow up" and this was their reason for taking up computer science back in college. Gabby Dizon, CEO of Flipside Games, said that the reason that he went into game development is because he "did not want to grow up". He used to work as a developer for and grabbed the first chance when they opened a slot for game development. Eventually he started his own company and has been successful in this endeavor. He even just got back from a gaming conference from SFO.

Integrated Art Services

I call Jonas Diego "Mr. Comics". I met him about a year ago through blogger-friends and I was glad to find out that we had common friends - artist friends from back in college and my former boss' son who publishes comics. I have very high respect for artists since I can only draw stick figures and coconut trees (seriously!). I believe it's one talent/hobby that's really hard to "monetize" unless you are very, very gifted. I truly admire Jonas for turning his first love into a very successful venture. During the "day" Jonas manages Interactive Art Services which caters to international clients for their storyboard needs. I think that this is a great way to showcase Filipino artistry.

The Philippines still holds the title for "Texting Capital of the World" and that's the industry where web company has been very successful in. If you're a Filipino I'm pretty sure that you use Chikka's SMS services (tipid sa load!) and that's the company that Gio Bacareza represented during the event. I've been using Chikka for several years already and it has been very useful for me. Chikka has also re-engineered their service and it allows you to log-in all your IM services into their services and your IM friends can seamlessly communicate with you even when you are offline. Cool huh. Gio also mentioned that they'll soon be launching a service for bloggers.

I have neglected to make posts about "Good IT News in the Philippines" the past couple of months and I should just DO IT since there are so many exciting things happening around the country.

Here are some photos from Libby -

Thanks for the invitation Andrian!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Content Scraping

Hamsters on Content Scraping

Wikipedia says that web scrapping (or content scraping) is when content is copied and mashed up to create a scraper site... for the non-techie... it's simply PLAGIARISM! Rawr!

One of the major reasons why I started blogging is because I wanted to revive my muse. I've been writing since I was a kid, but I stopped for about 8 years and only found my way back again a couple of years ago. I try my best to come up with original content and I hope I succeed in doing that.

I have friends who had to report abuse because their content was being copied in bulk! I have been a victim of content scraping (both for text and photos) as well, but it's nothing really major. I try my best to come out with original content because I think it's quite un-creative (and unethical) to just copy another blogger's post and criticize it on your blog, unless it's a meme (and meme's are usually fun to do!).

Here are some exercises I do whenever I'm stumped: (1) Get 5 objects near you, make a story out of it. (2) Or chronicle everything you did today and ask yourself, "What's the most interesting thing that happened?" (3) List down all your expenses for the day and answer the question, "What purchase gave you the most value for your peso?" (4) Or go answer a survey/meme, I normally do that to psyche myself up for work on blue Monday mornings.

There are days though that my muse totally deserts me, so I just normally don't force the issue and take a break. So, what do you do when you face a blank sheet?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Localized iGoogle Gadgets

Just wanted to show some new gadgets developed by Hamilton which he shared in our group:

(1) Latest on the ZTE NBN Controversy

(2) Philippine Stock Exchange Ticker

Other localized gadgets from the Philippines you might be interested in, done by Andrew:

(1) (relevant for bloggers)

(2) GMA News

(3) Philstar

(4) Inquirer

(5) Business World

Pretty nifty eh? My iGoogle wish list include: TV guide, local comics (I want Pugad Baboy!), something to do with OPM, local entertainment news and maybe local recipes (like a recipe of the day).

Now I regret not taking up computer science back in college!

Go, add `em up in your iGoogle!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ahhh this blog's been really quiet the past few months, been quite busy. I just bumped into this video on iGoogle awhile ago and it easily explains what iGoogle is all about.

I customized my personal home page a couple of months back and aside from mail, the weather, a to-do list I've included some pets in it - some fishes and a pig! - and I know Pacman is so very 80s, but that's the only game I'm really good at. I wish though there was an iGoogle theme for the Philippines.