Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mission Impossible Series: The Plan (Episode 1)

I was in a very engaging discussion with a UP professor yesterday about blogging and he brought up the problem of preserving the knowledge of those in the "silver years". And then I told him about having lunch with Mr. Jun Verba, former CEO of Globe, and the tales he told us over lunch. I feel it's really a privilege to hear great people talk about their accomplishments. It motivates me to do well and go for goals that would benefit my community.

The greatest, grandest influencer in my life is my Dad. He writes well and has published several law books and is about to come out with a book of his essays. His love letters to my Mom are so adorable and since I got them I know my Mom chose really well.

As with any executive, my Dad writes long-hand. He's definitely not techie, but he is a forward thinker. He was the one who actually encouraged me to dabble with internet marketing in the first place. In our family, he is the dreamer, the one who taught me to think big. And he has many stories and experiences to share.

So, I have hatched a plan to get my Dad to go online. Shhhhh! He doesn't know! (And he's definitely not online and won't read this post unless one of his friends find my blog LOL).

I've conspired with my siblings to purchase him a laptop and then I'm going to lobby for him to start blogging. I've broached the idea over lunch the other day, but he just shook his head.

That is my impossible mission this summer.

Good luck Dad, let's see who's the better influencer. :)


  1. Haha! That's a great idea! If he does get online, give us a heads up so we can see how he writes. Good luck! ^_^

  2. Let me cheer you on! I say people in the golden years have golden advices.

    When we were growing up, we (at least I did) hated listening to what elders had to say to me.

    But now as a grown up myself, I've made it a habit to soak up on advices and tales from successful and even not so successful people who are ahead of me.

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  4. If he refuses the laptop, can I have it? heheheheheheh!

  5. @Sarah - A friend of mine suggested I start publishing online his previous works and hopefully it will generate enough interest that it would encourage my Dad to really blog "live".

    @Abel - Thanks! It's really hard to accept the fact as well that our parents do grow old... and I hope to preserve whatever wisdom they're trying to impart to me online as well.

    @drgimo777 - I'll contact you thanks.

    @Punzi - Hmmmm... Hmmmm... LOL