Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Google Website Optimizer

Google introduces a new tool for marketers - the Google Website Optimizer. This service will definitely help marketers and the techie-phobes who are baffled about what search engine optimization is all about and what's the most useful content in your website . The Google Website Optimizer is a self-service tool free for Google Adwords advertisers. What's interesting about it are the graphical reports and it works with site analytics solutions.


  1. Ahem beta access naman jan! :P

  2. Just sign up using your child account ID. :)

  3. Now this one is god sent! Doing a number of projects on landing page testing & usability issues - I was always stuck to doing a/b split test due to the complexity of doing multi-variant testing. Not to mention the statistical analysis and methodology involved. I was relatively happy with how Google Analytics integrated the Site Overview layout to the original Urchin tool but this one is one of the best thing that ever happened to online marketing.Online marketing is all about testing, testing and more testing.

    More numbers to crunch though. :)