Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Have You Been Ratified?"

I placed quotation marks on the title coz that is what is all about. developer, Andrew de la Serna, explained that the name comes from Technorati, emphasis on the "rati". Good choice of name coz ratify means to approve or confirm. And that is mainly the objective of - to measure the top 100 blogs in the Philippine blogosphere based on Technorati data "sprinkled" with Feedburner stats.

Andrew said that he created the website to showcase and promote the best Filipino blogs. He said that if your stats are good then that means you're being read. I think it also means that you are relevant and that you are connecting to a certain base of people.

Well, if you're a serious blogger or a newbie who wants to improve your blog and hopefully define your niche so you could grow a reader base, then checking your stats at is a prudent way of gauging your relevance.


  1. wow didn't know I was number 16

  2. But I wouldn't take this rating scale as a the ultimate measure of being well-read. See, site has a lot of readers but most of his readers don't own blogs. And as we know technorati is about linkages.

  3. @noemi - Wow! My highest ever was #98 I think and I got bumped off immediately haha.

    I agree with what you said about the rating scale. Coz you have to install those little widgets in your blog to get counted.

    But at least it's a gauge of sorts :)

  4. @Aileen: thanks for the plug!

    @Noemi: I agree, although I do believe that this is already a good gauge of how relevant a blog is. Of course the readers are important, but links aren't just links, they're a "stamp of approval" given to you by another blogger or webmaster. Although many of my readers own blogs (I'm guessing), it hasn't necessarily translated to a ton of links. So, for Market Manila to place 40th out of 250+ is quite significant. With regards to subscribers, a section of ranks blogs according to Feedburner subscribers. But it's still a tough call because not all of us use Feedburner.

  5. @Andrew - For the love of stats! :)