Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mission Impossible Series: The Beginning (Episode 2)

I got the thumbs up from my siblings about getting our Dad to go online. You see, we've been trying to do this since the late 1990s so he could communicate with his grandkids abroad. And since he's a really good writer and has published several books we think he should really share his thoughts online - and get published faster!

I've been scouting around for his laptop the past few days and I just have a US$600 budget (suggestions on what to buy are welcome, leave me a note below). I've managed to install wifi in our home with the help of some friends and I'll be "expanding" the access all throughout the house once I get to save up for the other equipment needed. I have a few weeks left before his birthday on May 19. And summer ends officially once Miguel goes back to school.

So far, success is quite dim since he's adamant that he won't go online. Uh-oh!

Anyway, a friend of mine suggested that maybe I should start and publish his previous writings to test the waters. Get readers to comment and then let him know that there are people online interested in what he has to say. And since I am the safekeeper of all his works (since I've been encoding them since I was in high school!) and I am allowed to publish it wherever, that's exactly what I did today.

Next step: Market my Dad's blog to his friends.

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  1. Hi, been following your blog for sometime now. you can get a good laptop for 600 USD but in the US. I find laptops in the Phils to be quite expensive. Prices of electronic goods in Singapore is also quite reasonable.

  2. @Nina - Hmmm... good idea. I'll see if I can have a friend of mine purchase it at Singapore.

  3. your dad's blog is a gold mine of info, aileen.

    heads up nga lang: you have some bad codes.

  4. @Pierre - My Dad's warming up to the idea. I'm sure he'll be blogging soon! Yey!

    Bad codes? Hmmm, I'll check, looks okay from my PC. Thanks.