Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Google Reader

And I finally gave up visiting blogs one at a time. I subscribed to Google Reader this morning and it definitely cut the time that I spend connecting to different blogs. I used to bookmark them, but then sometimes I get impatient and I just type up the URL (I type really fast). Anyway, like the Google Notebook, Google Reader has definitely helped me organize my readings. Another great thing is accessing it through my Gmail account where I just click on "all my services" and I get to sign-in my account without having to log-in again.


  1. And you can put a reader widget into your blog, too! ^____^

  2. My browser home is set to Google Reader. I'm subscribed to more than 100+ blogs and sites! heheh (2 of yours included).

    It's my one-stop-shop internet stalking device... errr, blog reader. hehe..

    (Hindi ako masyado addict sa google products no?)