Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Hurt... Ouch

I've been trying to watch TV again lately since I've been trying to stay offline after 10 in the evening since I usually start at around 8 in the morning. Fair enough right? Yeah right, it's 11:30 in the evening, I'm watching TV in my bedroom but I have my laptop on my lap and I'm feeding off from the wifi coming from my study room. Pfffttt...

Anyway, I was delighted to watch quite a number of TV commercials. They're all new to me since I haven't been really watching TV. What caught my attention tonight was PLDT's cutesy TV ad for its wireless landline (they're following Bayantel's lead now). It's where a guy is on the phone courting a girl and then he finally manages to tell her his feelings and then he asks if they were an item already. Then he kinda falls off his seat - because his Dad hits on the brakes - and the girl tells him that she has a boyfriend. Dad then teases him about the moves he was taking. Guy ends the scene by saying "I'm hurt... ouch!"

I have a good feeling that this line will pick up, the same way "Suportahan taka" picked up a couple of years ago. Remember the ad? -

Aside from catchy lines and ad slogans, there are other things that you should mind when doing ads. I learned these things on the job when I launched a brand from scratch by doing a full media campaign and when I did consultancy work for a property developer. I realized that I learned so much when I was looking at some flyers last night at Cafea. Here are some things to remember when producing ads:

1. When making flyers or other print collaterals, be OC (obsessive compulsive) about the images you are using. Looking at several flyers of properties I noticed that the images used were the same for different properties of the same developer. If your developments all look the same, then you should just have one flyer and just state the different locations instead of trying to fool consumers that they all look different.

2. When making radio ads, especially for mobile services make sure that the syntax you are trying to communicate will be easily understood by listeners. When reviewing your ads, do not wear your brand manager's hat, put yourself in the shoes of your target market. If you're the only one in your company who can remember all the syntax/codes, then your service offering has some serious problems.

3. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is very much applicable when doing TV ads, or any kind of ad for that matter. Sometimes it is so tempting to show off your intellect by making puzzle-like ads, but with the short attention span of consumers (like me), then better keep it simple. Your ad is only as good as the few seconds that a consumer will actually pay attention to it.

And may I just say that I think at this day and age, it is a MUST to have at least some online presence for your company.

And, now I shall plug my upcoming business workshops and activities -
November 19 - De La Salle Lipa/Google TechTalk
November 23 - 20th Advertising Congress
November 27 - Marketing Your Business Online at PTTC
November 29 - Google University for STI in Baguio
December 1 - Google Analytics at PHP Philippines
December 6 - Google Apps for Education and Tools for Education
December 10 & 11 - Marketing Your Business Online at PTTC (hands-on)

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  1. danae5:38 AM

    hello pa ma'am,
    i'm a student hir po sa davao city..
    we have our project po kasi na case study..
    our teacher gave us certain questions regarding po sa google..
    nakilala ko po kayo thru kay mam leng nedtran..
    nagkakilala daw po kayo hir sa davao..
    can you pls po na sagutin po yung mga questions?..
    i just want lang po na masagutan yung mga questions nang tama..
    and since po na ur the google consultant hir po sa pilipinas, im asking and begging po if you can pls answer my questions..
    tnx po..
    god bless..