Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google TechTalk

I would like to thank all the developers who attended for taking the time out to attend the event last night. I also want to thank the tireless volunteers who helped out to keep the event organized -

The Registration People - Sweetie, AJ, Cel
The Schwag People - Jehz, Anne, Chel
The Bouncer este Usher - Juned
Cliquebooth People - Markku and Dax (thanks Mimi and Karl!) - download your photos!
GSoC Mentors - Ben, Zak and Rom
Mom's Personal Angel - Miguel (he wasn't there though)

We are very much interested to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. Kindly sign-up for the group. I'll make more announcements in the group. I'll also update this post to include the links that Jay and Franklin showed last night.

I wonder who's going to be the developer who'll make the most popular gadget for our country? Interested to make one? Download and read the SDK. Done with your gadget? Lemme know so I can help you out with getting it to the team. Check out the Developer home page as well for more videos.

For those interested to become Google Summer of Code mentors, check out the GSoC page.

Anyway, RJ David was kind enough to cover the event and upload the talk on Youtube.


  1. Congratulations Aileen for a very successful event!

  2. Hi Aileen!

    Great event! I posted my own observation in my tech blog:


    Basically I think what was lacking was some running code demos for the event. I'm sure devs want to see the code in action, so that's something that could be done in the next Tech Talk.

  3. I took notes for who weren't there =p Click here.

  4. yiheeeeeeee! and2 pala yung about google techtalk mo ate. .naghahanap ako sa main blog mo eh.. di ko makita haha!