Monday, July 02, 2007

Philippines Next SEO Outsourcing Capital?

The recent win of Benj Arriola, a Filipino based in San Diego, California, in the SEO World Championships has definitely put the Philippines in the search engine optimization/marketing outsourcing map. Seeing as well that quite a number of companies providing SEO services have sprouted across the nation – MBSTek in Manila, Syntactics and Harvest SEO in Cagayan de Oro, SEO Global Pro in Cebu and BHIPro in Davao, to name a few – goes to show that the industry is growing and that businesses are recognizing the need for SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) services. I have also met some people who have come to Philippines to teach SEO.

SEO Philippines founded by Marc Macalua started out as a mailing list (and has been a forum the past few months) and has done two major SEO contests in the past year and I was lucky enough to attend the launch and awarding ceremony of the “Ituloy Angsulong” contest. Marc has recently launched the much awaited “Bayanihan SEO Contest”. It’s where SEOs scramble to be found on the top ranks of the search engines, BUT with a twist. They have to do it bayanihan style, meaning as a group.

It would be interesting to see the outcome of this contest. I’m sure SEOs across the nation would be interested to join this contest – each region should have a representative group!

So does this mean that this growing segment will result in the Philippines becoming the SEO outsourcing capital in the world? Now this is good news :)


  1. The Macalua4:22 PM

    Was chatting with somebody from CDO recently...and he agrees, the "point has tipped" :)

  2. @the macalua - I forgot to mention that SEO is also being outsourced in GenSan. I'm sure there are much more. Exciting times indeed!!!

  3. When you're aware of the all neat stuff happening in our niche, you can't help but be upbeat and optimistic. We're getting there!

  4. Will gladly help by blogging about this. Hope this good start finds its way for the SEM and SEO to deliver a better future to SEM professionals here in the Philippines.