Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Social Networking Websites

A lot of social networking sites abound on the internet. I have accounts in Friendster, Orkut, Multiply, Tagged, Facebook and a new account on Myspace. I remember someone on my LinkedIn account sent over a question on whether I was a member of other social networking sites as well and why.

Well, I told him that each site actually caters to different needs and niches. Friendster is THE place to be when you are Pinoy. Orkut is very popular in Latin America. Multiply is a website that has a lot of online commerce and quite a number use it for photos. Myspace is one of the largest in the whole world and has integrated rather interestingly selling of music online. I have a friend who said he's addicted to Facebook, and there's quite a lot of interesting concepts in that space. LinkedIn, for professional purposes. And then there's Tagged (don't ask me what's in it, I haven't opened my account there for quite a while).

I was forced to get an account in Multiply because a friend of mine was uploading photos in it and I wanted to leave a comment. So I signed-up, well, at least my blog is mirrored there and it allows me to be in touch with some friends. What was quite interesting was the business activity happening inside Multiply. Yes, BUSINESS ACTIVITY. There were quite a number of members selling their wares online. A lot were fashion accessories, some t-shirts and other fashion related stuff. Now, that's one way of practicing e-commerce. What caught my attention on Myspace was the ability of individuals to see their music online (so if you're a struggling artist, you don't really need a record label to sell your songs) and I thought I should go check it out as well.

A friend of mine based in Australia told me that Myspace was being utilized in the elections. I guess with about 3.6 million Australian members, that's a great way to reach voters. How come no one thought of doing that on Friendster last May? LOL.

Oh, well, beam it up! Be my friend on Myspace!


  1. Hi po, Perhaps you can add my site as a Filipino social network site he he he. It's purely Pinoy so hopefully it's much easier to find your friends.

  2. well, if you are a true pinoy, here's the ultimate Filipino Social Network for you: UNITEDPHILIPPINES.COM -- It's what my friends in the U.S. use to connect with friends in the Philippines

  3. By the way Aileen, I like your musings! :) Keep it up

  4. I know that Friendster is the pioneer in social networking to connect friends. But i guess we should support the sites started by our fellow kababayans. We should be helping our own not foreigners like the owners of Friendster, Myspace, facebookand others.

    Another Filipino social networking that I found is X-OverProfiles. where you can customize your profile, upload photos, create your own blogs, post and watch videos, and chat with your friends live, all in one stop.
    It may not be as big as those giants but i feel better supporting our own.

    Mabuhay Pilipinas!!!

    Join Filipino sites and support our own

  5. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Hello kabayan,

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