Friday, August 17, 2007

Read a Lot? Organize

In the past few months I've found myself reading more and more stuff online and I have basically stopped watching TV because of that. With all the stuff that I read online, I had to find a way to minimize the time to load everything up. Opening so many tabs wasn't a good idea either since it was messing up my system. Life became a whole lot easier with Google Reader and I must say that I started out with only a handful of subscriptions, but my list has now grown to over 70 news and blog feeds.

Of course, methinks Google Reader is best used for vibrant content sites like blogs and news sites. I do a lot of research as well, both for work and personal use like for canvassing stuff or scouting vacation places and the sites I visit for these are normally static websites. I find it quite messy to bookmark stuff and by bookmarking you are basically stuck with just one PC/laptop (you can use iGoogle though for your bookmarks as well). So for static websites I use Google Notebook. What's great about it as well is I can create several notebooks where I can neatly save (clip) websites and even put notes on why I visited that site in the first place.

Organize your reads! Use Google Reader and Google Notebook.

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  1. I also use Google Reader, and like Picasaweb, also recommended it to my officemates. :)