Monday, January 22, 2007

Lava in my Study!

I finally fixed up the Google lava lamp Derek sent me a dozen weeks ago. The wax became so hard during shipment and it took a while for it to melt and become bouncing blobs. I was thinking of getting some fish for my study room, but this is so much better. I think I'll still get some fish though, at least I can talk to them.

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  1. Hi Aileen,

    Does it really bounce ? I mean, well because i have not seen one in my entire life :-) Im just wondering how does it work (what kind of material or what it would let the little lava bounce hehe).



  2. ang cute.. kala ko nong una fetus.. Ü

  3. I think there's oil (or some kind of liquid) inside and the thingy that bounces around may be wax. You can read more about lava lamps at