Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Google Named Best Company to Work For

Fortune Magazine named Google the best company to work for. And I totally agree! I’ve been working for Google the past few months and I could say it’s been great. I visited Googleplex a few months ago for training and I felt I was Alice in Wonderland. There was food, food and food everywhere! No shortage of M&Ms, salmon and every nut, cereal, type of milk, juice or softdrinks!

I felt right at home. My colleagues and friends would always kid me that I’m a nerd, that my fascination for data, research and what-have-you is out of this world. I was awestruck the first day in campus. I forgot all about the building I was going to and was at a panic, but I managed to remember that I should’ve gotten off at Building 1945. Good thing Nathan, the hotel driver, was kind enough to chauffeur me back to B1945.

I think I was in shock the whole time I was there. I ended up being quiet (now that’s a mean feat) and just observed. The culture was definitely diverse. Most of the people were almost a foot taller than me (and I thought I was tall). Everybody was intelligently brilliant, funny, warm, caring and concerned. Everything was efficient and yes the toilet seats were warm.

And it was a happy surprise to find lots of Pinoys who work for Google. And I’m happy that those who visited Manila the past few weeks have gotten in touch with me to say hi.

So you wanna work for Google? Apply today.

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  1. Too bad nobody I know made who applied to operations, made it.

  2. wow.marami pala pinoy dyan sa google? i thought you are the first :)