Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogging and Social Computing Forum
January 5, 2007

I attended the Blogging and Social Computing Forum sponsored by last Friday. Sacha Chua gave a very passionate talk on social computing. It would be interesting and useful to see a local version of - a site in Canada that aggregates local events as posted by its members. Noemi Lardizabal Dado shared her experience on personal blogging and how one can use it for advocacy. I surely enjoyed J. Angelo Racoma's talk on professional blogging venture and the four types of professional bloggers - corporate problogger, independent problogger, celebrity problogger and blog overlords.

I'm sure happy I could blog again! (Hope internet connection gets better in the coming weeks).


  1. Hi Aileen. Great to see you last Friday and for the shell necklace too. =)

    Glad to see you back, blogging again.

  2. Hello!

    Weird, I was there at the talk but wasn't able to talk to you. :)

    It's cool to know that you're working for Google!

    By the way, feel free to visit my blog!