Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Youtube Custom Channel

Guess who has their own Youtube Custom Channel - MYX!

MYX is ABS-CBN's music video channel that I personally love and I was really happy when they decided to have their own custom channel in Youtube.

A custom channel is like having your own TV channel. You can upload your personally made videos and you can use this to promote your company's products and services or you can use this to keep in touch with your family and friends by sharing videos of your adventures and misadventures (if any).

My custom channel is a mix of a lot of things - mostly music videos I get to take whenever I attend music-related events or videos with my family and friends. I'd want to do some DIY videos though, maybe when I manage to budget some time for it I would.

How to make your own Youtube Custom Channel? It's easy! Just visit Youtube, sign-up for an account and then play around with the settings and then upload your videos. And you don't need a video camera to create videos - I just normally use my digital camera and maybe I'll try using my webcam as well. I don't even edit my videos (and that's one thing I really want to start doing). It's that easy. And it's FREE!

What are you waiting for? Create your Youtube Custom Channel now!

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