Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogger Play Gadget on iGoogle

A few weeks ago Blogger launched Blogger Play and I thought that it's really cool to see photos as they are uploaded. I get transfixed with the thought of peering into the lives of other people - makes you realize that you are just one of the many, many unique people in the whole wide world. Weird huh.

Anyway, I also like tinkering around my iGoogle page (which is now available in Filipino, which means you can get feeds written in Filipino as well) and I've so far placed some fish to feed, a flying pig, the weather (I monitor Manila, Legaspi and Davao coz I have dear friends and relatives in the area), a to-do list and I've recently added the Blogger Play gadget.

What are you waiting for? Try it! Try it! Just sign-in to your iGoogle using your Google Account (which is also your Gmail account) or if you're already logged-in just type in another tab (for Mozilla Firefox users) and the page will come out. Then include the gadget in your page by clicking on "add a gadget" (magdagdag ng bagay-bagay) and look for (or search) Blogger Play, then just click on the "add" button. When you go back to your iGoogle homepage the gadget will be there and you can just move it around the page.

Then you can just sit back and be mesmerized. Cheers!


  1. Hi Aileen! I'd recommend trying out the official Blogger Play gadget. It's a bit slicker and it will automatically set itself to the correct height.

    (We're working on the missing logo and thumbnail problem in the gadget directory.)

  2. @pete - many thanks Pete for visiting my blog! I'll check out the official Blogger Play gadget - I just found the one I'm using in iGoogle. Cheers!