Friday, March 30, 2007


A decorated Google page? Huwhaaat?!?

Yup, that's my personalized Google page you're seeing above. I started personalizing my Google page a few months ago since I do a lot of searches using the search box in my Gmail and I'm quite happy with the new look of my Google page.I put in the "bus stop" theme since it reminds me that my work has exposed me to a multi-cultural environment and it's cute! What I'm excited to see are the changes that will occur during the day because the look will change depending on the time of the day, the season and the weather.

Check out how to personalize your Google page. Go here.


  1. oh.. Google is now taking the move and actually did what initially added to their feature..

  2. Hehe. I was wondering when you were going to blog about this. I picked the Tea House one. I luuuuuuuuuuv the details. I try to log on as many times as I can within the day just to see what my fox is doing. ^___^ I have a question, though: I tried putting Manila, Philippines for my location, but the time on the theme isn't accurate. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks!