Sunday, February 24, 2008

Localized iGoogle Gadgets

Just wanted to show some new gadgets developed by Hamilton which he shared in our group:

(1) Latest on the ZTE NBN Controversy

(2) Philippine Stock Exchange Ticker

Other localized gadgets from the Philippines you might be interested in, done by Andrew:

(1) (relevant for bloggers)

(2) GMA News

(3) Philstar

(4) Inquirer

(5) Business World

Pretty nifty eh? My iGoogle wish list include: TV guide, local comics (I want Pugad Baboy!), something to do with OPM, local entertainment news and maybe local recipes (like a recipe of the day).

Now I regret not taking up computer science back in college!

Go, add `em up in your iGoogle!


  1. Nice! Thanks for the tip. If I had time and the info source, i would do the cable skeds :)

    hmmm maybe start with hbo asia hehe.

  2. Hi Aileen. Thanks! I'll try to come up with more when my workload becomes lighter. :) Pugad Baboy sounds like an excellent idea! Wonder how we can get a hold of Pol Medina. Hmmm...