Sunday, September 02, 2007

Books! Books! Books!

I love books! I think I must've bought at least 10 books for the month of August alone despite the fact that I still have got quite a number of books to read. I was certainly awed by the number of books at the Manila International Book Fair and I really had a hard time staying away from the bookstores, lest I end up shopping for books again. Pffft. I must tell you though that it isn't going shopping that excites me, it's going to a bookstore. LOL.

Too bad Google Book Search wasn't around yet when I was doing all those research back in college and graduate school. It would have certainly been very useful to me. Well, I survived with Google Search and I could say I managed well with the traditional card catalogues, scrounging around dusty books, old newspapers, microfilmed data and all the other scholarly stuff I used to finish my thesis, case studies and other papers.

I would say kids are sooo lucky to have many, many tools to get the information they need nowadays. Google Book Search certainly helps both book lovers, researchers, browsers and publishers both ways. I'm sure kids in the provinces who don't have libraries in their schools or access to information would love to use Google Book Search.

Here's a video on how Google Book Search works -

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