Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spice-Up Your Google Calendar

I've been keeping track of Philippine holidays through my Google calendar so I'd know when Miguel will be home and so I won't make the mistake of setting an appointment during a holiday. It's easy, just sign-up for it through your Gmail or go to the Google Calendar directory and add the public holidays calendar. Stay on schedule and get alerts on your mobile phone.

Head on over to the Google Calendar directory and add up TV shows , events, sports, entertainment, miscellaneous (i.e. Mozilla Firefox updates), holidays and Google's calendar (like Adsense, Google Developer, Google Doodles and even phases of the moon). I've gone crazy and added up the Disney calendar and all Google calendars. I hope the local broadcast networks would add up their calendars because I'm so bad at remembering TV show schedules (Miguel does that for me).

Want this for your organization or school? Just sign-up for Google Apps for your Domain and you can easily share your calendar of events. You can also check-out my calendar.


  1. oh! very useful tip! the public holidays calendar is quite useful. Now i won't have to scramble and call my boss (who's based in the US) whenever I found out that the day is a holiday and I'm not coming to work! haha

  2. Yup! Double holiday yan! Hehehhe. But I usually work pa rin :)