Friday, December 08, 2006 Kartada Diyes's 10th Year Anniversary
December 8, 2006
Automall, Pasig City

I was invited by Donald Lim (President, to be a guest in their 10th year anniversary. I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling during the event and remembered using Yehey a lot back when I was in school. After my short speech (see below), I hosted a game where contestants had to spell Google using their body.

Thank you Donald for the warm welcome (and for calling me a goddess!!! haha).

Speech (but I only read out half of it) is what made internet in the Philippines very pinoy. Pangalan pa lang Pinoy na pinoy na, don’t you think?

Like Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google, the creators of made Yehey for the same reason – to aggregate information online.

This goes to show that Filipinos are indeed very creative, di lang pampamilya, pang-isports, pang-showbiz, worldclass IT professionals! Why? Because even before there was Baidu, Asiaone, Paran and Google… there was Yehey! Kaya sa Yehey, saludo kami sa inyo!

I personally salute and give thanks to for three things:

One, I managed to finish my papers and researches back in college, searching for information using

Two, is where I learned the importance of website marketing. Sa Yehey ko natutunan ang search engine marketing. I remember the black bus ads they had plying EDSA and this served as my inspiration for the bus ads I had for LUK4 early this year. (Yes I even asked the bus operator to research how many buses Yehey had!).

Three, has made internet in the Philippines an equalizer. They showed to us that anyone, anywhere, anytime can get information.

Congratulations to for taking on the cause of getting Pinoy information online., Pinoy ito Pare!

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